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General Data Protection Regulation – Privacy Notice for Grant Applicants

This notice explains what information we collect when you apply for a grant from us, how we use it, how we look after it and how long we keep it for.

What We Collect

We need, and so collect, the following information about you:

Any information you give us will always be used in a way that meets the law.


The information you provide to us will be treated by us as confidential and will only be processed by our trustees and agents and stored within the United Kingdom/European Economic Area.

When you give us information we make sure it is kept safe, secure and access restricted to relevant staff. Our Privacy Policy tells you how we do this. If you ask for a copy of our Privacy Policy we will give you one.

Retention and disposal of information

The information we collect is stored in paper form and electronically.  We will only keep your paper application form for as long as it is required as a part of our financial records.

After this we will destroy it using a commercial confidential shredding company.

Your electronic information will be stored in our archive files and access restricted to relevant trustees/agents.

Your Rights

At any time you can:

If you would like to do any of this or have any questions please contact our Secretaries, Henderson Black & Co, at their office at Chestney House, 149 Market Street, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9HA; by telephone on 01334 472255 or by email on standrews@hendersonblack.co.uk

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office on how we use your information. The Information Commissioner’s contact details are:

The Information Commissioners Office Scotland

45 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7HL Telephone: 0131 244 9001

Email: Scotland@ico.org.uk