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Policy for the retention and destruction of data

This policy will ensure that the Trust is complying with applicable data protection legislation, which requires that we do not retain personal data for longer than is necessary.  The charity must:

  1. Only keep information for as long as there is a business need
  2. Keep records secure, whether electronic or paper
  3. Ensure records are retrievable and easily traced
  4. Allow a person access to information held about them should they request it

It follows that the charity must:

  1. Destroy papers and electronic data for which there is no continuing business need and archive papers that cannot be destroyed to archive for as short a time as possible
  2. Keep the data secure while it remains in any office
  3. Keep track of where information is stored
  4. Continue to apply these good practices and review this policy in the future

Retention Schedule

Beneficiary information - Application for grant General policy – master copy of application held by Secretaries
(i)                  Unsuccessful application -  applicant rejected Not retained (outcome documented in meeting minutes)
(ii)                Successful application – applicant awarded grant See below (governed by financial information requirements)
Financial information including records of banking transactions, audits 6 years from the end of the financial period in which the transaction was made, in line with regulations.